About Us

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Our Vision, Mission & Values

  • Our purpose is to make many people’s lives better every day.
  • At Amar Digital, we define, design, and deliver information technology solutions that are suitable and able to adapt.
  • We assist people in recognising their digital ambitions.


  • Our purpose is to help and grow more people.
  • You will undoubtedly earn more.
  • With the assistance of management experts, our mission is to create the twenty-first centuries through innovation and modern technology.
  • We are all here to assist you in successfully building and growing your brand.


  • One of our guiding principles is to provide exceptional client service.
  • Excellent operational performance.
  • A commitment to truth, justice, and accountability.
  • A victorious culture and an outstanding team.


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Our Team

Sanjay Khant

Founder (Amar Digital)

Himanshu Lodha

Manager (Amar Digital)