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The majority of music distributors transitioned from supply chain professionals to digital infrastructure providers and rights administrators. As a result, for the purpose of clarity, we’ll leave the nuances of distribution channels out of our purview (for the time being) and instead concentrate on the digital market.

What is Music Distribution?

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Artists required a label in order to sell their songs online. We revolutionized the game in 2006 when we partnered with digital shops to enable any musician to sell their tracks globally. Amar Digital is now the largest digital music aggregator in the world. Simply upload your music, complete the payment process, and we’ll take care of the rest. In no time, your music will be available on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

It is now as simple as uploading a file to the internet to make a song available to listeners all over the world. So, why is there still a need for a distribution middleman when the artist could just “Do It Theirself”? No, not at all. The distributors are still an important component of the recording industry, playing three key roles:

Here's what you need to include in your Music Distribution Strategy:

Digital Music Distribution is a powerful and simple service we provide to get your songs online so that the rest of the world may hear it. Identity Music provides high-quality music distribution services to independent artists and record labels all around the world. Begin today and earn money on a monthly basis.

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